Organise an amazing team-building event in London

SENSAS is a new and unique entertainment concept in London that rivals with the best Escape Games.

As teams or four to 30 people and for two hours, you will go through different Sensory Labs to succeed at fun challenges using nothing but your senses!

By succeeding at these challenges, you will collect SENSAS Charms which will later be converted into donations we make for a charity supporting people with disabilities.

Mixing actions, surpassing oneself and raising awareness of disability situations, SENSAS is a unique Multi-sensory Journey that will bring out some strong emotions.

So reinforce the cohesion and solidarity between your teams with SENSAS!

Good to know: You can book two teams of up to 15 people each on the same time slot. You can also make SENSAS private for either half a day or a full day, allowing for up 180 people to participate.

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