Are you looking for a team-building activity in London that will bring your colleagues closer together ?

We have partnered with hundreds of corporations…why not yours? If you want to organise a truly special team-building activity that will delight your teams, then look no further! SENSAS London offers a unique concept: a multi-sensory journey marked by many challenges to be achieved as teams, family, friends or colleagues, immersed in complete darkness.


SENSAS is an exclusive and original Multi-sensory Experience. We sit at the top of the best games and entertainment activities on TripAdvisor in every single city where we are established.

Every day from 9am to 11pm, SENSAS invites you to explore the unsuspected power of your senses. Face fun challenges that will reinforce your team’s bond and cohesion.

During two hours, teams of four to 15 people compete against each other going through different Sensory Labs to test their senses, take on challenges and face their fears.

Each successfully completed challenge unlocks SENSAS Charms, which will be converted into a donation SENSAS makes for its local partner charity supporting people with disabilities.



SENSAS allows you to enhance your team’s skills, such as:

  • The management of stress, primary through overcoming fears.
  • The ability to communicate clearly in an unusual and challenging environment.
  • Developing a taste for improvement, thanks to the healthy competition occurring in our Sensory Labs.
  • The ability to surpass oneself for a great cause (supporting people with disability).
  • The reinforcement of team cohesion in a good-natured and friendly atmosphere.

The SENSAS experience is very immersive, and will bring out some strong emotions. Sharing these emotions as teams will create unforgettable memories that will weld all the persons involved.

All these benefits make SENSAS an essential activity for welcoming new employees, to organise a fun seminar, a Christmas party or to simply create a strong bond within your teams.

Needless to say that SENSAS is also the ideal choice for doing so with your customers, or partners. You’d be sure to impress them!

Our teams are here to make your event truly special.

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Our tailor made offer

Up to 52 people
every 3 hours

Counting 4 teams of 13 people max.


We adapt the experience to highlight the values or products of your company.

Fully private

For half a day or a full day, make yourself at home at SENSAS London.


£36 pp

Upon reservation only – minimum of 10 participants

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Special discount available for groups over 30

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